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Internal resistance and economic problems destabilized the state and additional French troops were deployed to restore order.

Parts of Switzerland also became a battleground during the Italian and Swiss expedition.

The military history of Switzerland comprises centuries of armed actions, and the role of the Swiss military in conflicts and peacekeeping worldwide.

Despite maintaining neutrality since its independence from the Holy Roman Empire in 1499, Formed with the Federal Charter of 1291, an alliance of three cantons was formed for mutual defense, chiefly against the Habsburgs.

Paragraph 13 explicitly prohibited the federation from sustaining a standing army, and the cantons were allowed a maximum standing force of 300 each (not including the Landjäger corps, a kind of police force).

Paragraph 18 declared the obligation of every Swiss citizen to serve in the federal army if conscripted (Wehrpflicht), setting its size at 3% of the population plus a reserve of one and one half that number, amounting to a total force of some 80,000.

Four workers were killed and 13 were severely wounded.

Paragraph 19 of the revised constitution of 1874 extended the definition of the federal army to every able-bodied citizen, swelling the size of the army at least in theory from below 150,000 to more than 700,000, with population growth during the 20th century rising further to some 1.5 million, one of the largest armed force per capita.

From this time, it was illegal for the individual cantons to declare war or to sign capitulations or peace agreements.

The religious conflicts were renewed in 1847, resulting in the Sonderbund War and leading to the formation of Switzerland as a federal state.

In 1798 the French army overran Switzerland and proclaimed the Helvetic Republic.

This is appropriate, seeing as the Papal States took up one-third of Italy at the time, requiring extensive protection.

The pope enlisted them, seeing as he believed they were best at the time.

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During World War I, Switzerland remained a neutral state.

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