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Updating bois without floppy

Once you have flashed and rebooted back into the BIOS choose Load Optimized defaults and save and apply.This is a required step for the flash process to complete, and for the new BIOS to be properly loaded into the chip.So copy or Move any Data on your USB stick you need to keep for now, you may add it back later if you like 1. Go into the Hard Disk Boot Priority Option In Advanced BIOS Features Page and select your USB drive as the first bootable drive. If you do not wish to use Qflash with a floppy or otherwise, please continue to follow the below directions for flashing in DOS with a floppy 1.Make a USB bootable drive using this USB Bootable USB Creation Program "HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool - v2.1.8" HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool | Peripherals Download | PC World Or HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool - v2.1.8 Download - EXTREME Overclocking 2. Format a Floppy disk, and choose "Create MS-DOS Startup disk as shown below.To use USB in Qflash you need "Legacy USB Storage Detect" Enabled in the Integrated Peripherals Page of the BIOS.You also need to leave the USB drive plugged in when you reboot to Qflash.Fxx file onto a FAT32/16/12 USB drive, or in your FAT32/16/12 partition and enter Qflash.You may also make a new 1GB FAT32 partition on your disk if you like and keep BIOS files there as well.

You will need to set your hard drive settings again in the Advanced BIOS page.However you may still make and use it if you find it easier for you.First thing you MUST be sure to do is manually download the correct BIOS for your board model and board revision from Gigabyte Web Site Below.Linux users and those who have Winrar or 7Zip installed, may use the method below using Winrar to extract if you like Download Winrar Trial here (Scroll down to Winrar 3.71 and download) and then install and right click the file and choose "extract here".The files will be extracted to the folder you have the exe located in Win RAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files Put the .

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Or you may also use the "Browse" Button and choose where to extract the files. Fxx file Extracted out of this file to flash with Qflash by using Winrar to extract the files as well if you like.

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