Tobi dating

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Tobi dating

“I will be there for her when she needs my help or advise but when it comes to a relationship that is not the goal right now.

Yea, we like each other but in the outside world, its a different ball game.“Of course friendship will remain but at the same time, now we are open to a new world, new opportunities we have to hustle.“For me personally, there is no love when my bank account is not smiling.

Though they have been acting like a couple, the reality show star said there isn’t more to it as they are just friends.

Tobi also added that fans are putting pressure on them to be a couple .

In a recent interview with The Nation, Alex revealed that the possibility of her dating Tobi is very high.

Tobi has always maintained he’d love to date her if she accepts.

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In "Know Your Frenemies" while Toby was out of prison on bail, Spencer is out running when she sees him across the street.