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In an e-mail in September 2012, he wrote that gay people are “to blame for all sex attacks on children, because people who kill and molest children have a homosexual background.” Mambaonline has offered to provide evidence of Bougardt’s recent statements to the SAHRC, including IP addresses and the e-mail address used.

In a brief phone call on Monday, the pastor said, “I am not concerned whatsoever.” He explained that he visits Mambaonline and comments on articles “because you post negative things about me.” “I think we are living in a free South Africa. He said that he’s “appalled” at the manner in which Bougardt has violated the court order.Bougardt first launched his crusade against homosexuality in October 2011 by stating that Archbishop Desmond Tutu would burn in hell for supporting the LGBT community and claiming that most gays and lesbians are drug addicts and child molesters.He went on to send a string of provocative e-mails to gay groups and media, including Mambaonline, and stated that he supports the execution of homosexuals.They behave worst than animals in bed, and don’t even deserve a prison Cell with criminals, they belong in a cage.” Most shocking of all, Bougardt appeared to support the cold-blooded murder of gays and lesbians.In response to a September 22 report about the execution of nine men and a boy for homosexuality by Isis radicals, Bougardt wrote: “We need Isis to come to countries who are homosexual friendly. Please come rid South Africa of homosexual curse.” These statements appear to blatantly contravene the settlement order Bougard signed in August 2014 with the Equality Court in Bloemfontein in a hate speech case brought against him by the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC).

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