Pagdating ng islam

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Ana, who is low-achieving, shy and withdrawn, is rejected by most of her peers.

She strongly believes that students learn better when lessons are presented with images, real or imagined aside from mere lecture method.

Rivera, a new teacher believes that education is a process of development and is life itself; therefore, experience related to the child's need and interest should be given primary consideration.

Teacher Lily would like to take part in developing a subject-centered curriculum because she believes that all subjects in this type of curriculum are geared towards the hollistic development of the learner.

What educational philosophy is being exhibited by Mr.

When a gardener propagates a plant by taking cuttings, he plants his cutting in a well-watered soil in a plant pot.

Every first day of the school year, Miss Reyes prepared activities which will make her Grade 2 children, sing, plan, learn and introduce themselves to the class.

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What is the most likely reason why he may then cover the plant and pot with a lightly perforated polythene bag?

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