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If a shell is accidentally dropped into a 'burnt house', it is confiscated and stored in the opponent's 'storehouse'.

The objectives of playing congkak is to get rid of all the seeds by moving them across over your enemy while placing each of your seed or marbles into your own house or pit.

Also, with this Wau Bulan, it has a stringed bow that was attached to it.

This will produce a very soft wailing tone when it was flown away in the sky.

In Malay culture, there are 5 types of traditional games that are very popular in Malaysia.

If a player does not have sufficient shells to fill his own 'houses', the remaining cups are left empty and are considered 'burnt'.Today, there are many types of Wau and the most widely known is Wau Kikik which is Malay kites.It is the simple tailless kite that was shape as the diamond.The origin of the ‘Wau Bulan’ was said to exist during the days of the Srivijaya Empire, in which according to the legend, a young prince named Dewa Muda used Wau to mapped out the districts that he already conquered on the Wau, in which he will then display and tell to his people.Before he went to the war, Dewa Muda would meditate to gain his experience spiritual intuitions where he went into the deep of the cave.

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It was considered that a good player will have an advantage in collecting points to win the game when the player calculates a few steps in advance. It was spread all over Malay world through the dealers via Malacca where at that time the trading post is very important.