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Business Recorder, December 26, 2016 An estimated 35 per cent female students of medical colleges never start their professional career after graduation due to different social constraints in Pakistan.There is an urgent need for launching online family physicians’ courses to bring this pool of medical fraternity back in profession.A girl may be given away to pay a debt or settle a dispute between feuding families.She might be married to a cousin to keep her dowry in the family or, as in this case, married for the prospect of a male heir.“It was her fate.” Ahmed sits inside the mud-walled compound where he lives now with his two wives.

Unfortunately, after completion of their medical course, most of the female medical graduates never work.

Prof Masood Hameed said that admission ratio of female medical students in medical colleges on general merit seats is high as compared to male in the country; thus there was an urgent need of introducing online family physicians’ courses to bring this pool of medical fraternity back in profession.

He said that government and families had spent millions of rupees on medical education, training and skill development of lady doctors annually but quitting medical profession was having a terrible impact on national healthcare system.

He said DUHS management has designed a special online family physician course for such female doctors to pull that pool of doctors back in profession.

He said that DUHS will issue certificates to female doctors after successful completion tailor made online courses and such doctors can run family physician clinics at their homes.

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Many believe that their Islamic religion instructs fathers to marry off their daughters at puberty.

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