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The first objective of this conference, then is to give each of us an opportunity to get an overview of the whole program.

A second objective of this conference is to cross the various perspectives from different workpackages on a few selected themes.

Roughly speaking, there is always a tension in comparative research between looking for overarching resemblances or looking for specificities, or as Adam Edwards and Gordon Hugues recently put it, between a nomothetic and an idiographic research tradition6.

The very idea of comparability is a matter of debate.

There is an enormous body of literature about the difficulties of comparative research5.

to integrate scholars from recent EU member and candidate countries (25 participants), with the aim of fostering partnerships and helping consolidate research on socially deviant behaviours and prevention.

Apart from the "deliverables" laid down in the contract there is a wide range of other publications, in paper or electronic form, mostly in French and English, but also a few in other languages, ranging from single journal articles, to collections or even series of volumes (as in WP7), a number of which will be published after the end of the project.

This is not so easy, because there are short-term results that are readily visible and quantifiable and long-term consequences which are more qualitative and not yet fully apparent.

b) These meetings have involved 470 individual participants3, many of whom were not part of the initial consortium.

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This, I'm convinced will have far-reaching effects within the European academic community: the opportunity it gave us to cooperate intensively (given the number of meetings) with so many colleagues in Europe will have a kind of "ripple-effect" which will only become apparent in years to come, through projects which will emerge in the future.