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And if the "best" part of dating those young girls is the part where you give a prepared statement about "I'm an adult who does what I want" -- the reaction you're getting might not be disgust. And just to clarify, I have zero issues with you dating younger women. But your whole thing about telling people "casually" only to segue into that NO FUCK YOU DAD speech is super weird. I texted something like "uh-oh", but then decided to just go for it.After some terrible attempts at flirting on my part, she shot me down (gently, though it hurt nonetheless) as too old to date. I said okay, assuming that she was just the latest in the line of women who said they wanted to be friends but really didn't care one way or the other.Do you think two people with with an age gap can have a healthy relationship? Like he's easing into old age and becoming somewhat easy going while she's going through menopause.Not a good mix at times but they're doing okay. I put that in quotes because we both went into this knowing exactly what it was, and that was never going to be long term.

Then again, almost none of my relationships are healthy so maybe thats overrated.

I wouldn't be worried if we had the same age difference but she had, like, been working for five years.

It's more a matter of what was met in life, than numbers.

As with any relationship that lasts, the two people have to be compatible.

In our case, we share our faith as the cornerstone.

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Most romantic relationships dont work out in long run.

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