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Dating of old testament books

Map of where books of Bible written Who are the major prophets? The writings of other men who were not priests, such as King David and Solomon, and many of the prophets, were also submitted to the priesthood to be 'laid up before the Lord.' For example, after David authored his first psalm, he gave it to Asaph the priest who was in charge of the Ark of the Covenant.

For each letter, the chapter is given, followed by the New Testament reference.

Sunday was the third day after Friday to the ancients, though in modern times it would reckoned as the second day. The chronology of Paul's public ministry is acknowledged within about two years.

We can use the date of 33 as the earliest possible date for any New Testament writing.

The Old Testament, as originally inspired, was divided into three major divisions. This finalized the Pentateuch or first five books of the Old Testament listed in most Bibles.

The first division was the Law, the second was the Prophets, and the third was the Writings (which included the Psalms and Proverbs). Moses then gave the original scrolls of the Law, also called autographs, to the priests to be placed in special sleeves attached to the side of the Ark of the Covenant.

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When these church fathers quote from the New Testament, it gives evidence for an early date for the books they quote.