Dating myers briggs

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Dating myers briggs

If you’re currently sad, angry, frustrated, or in a rush, the results won’t be as accurate.

It’s 72 multiple choice questions and will probably take you 10-15 minutes to complete.

Extrovert Strengths: Extroverts are naturally sociable with women and will often have much less of a tough time opening women and getting women comfortable. Extrovert Weaknesses: Extroverts often waste time in pickup.

They can spend an inordinate about of time screwing around with women who will never lay them and systems that will never work. Introvert Strengths: Introverts learn very fast from their mistakes and tend not to repeat them.

Usually introverts must You’re either an S (sensing) or N (intuition).

If you don’t, this entire post will make zero sense to you.

Sensing Weaknesses: Sensing guys tend to be overly irrational and make lots of mistakes running down blind alleys.

They go with their gut, which is great, but often your gut is dead wrong.

They do what they know, which is much harder for feelers.

They’re highly rational, and have all the possibilities and possible problems all worked out in advance.

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It’s very important for sensing guys to find a system that works and do their best to adhere to it.

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