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Which is fine, i never had any expectations with him to begin with, but i will be honest i hate fact that my friend threw the idea into my head that he may have wanted to date me. I’m not perfect, but i know I have something to offer.I’m just a little hurt, just because I feel a little defeated in the dating department.. I love being in relationships, but I haven’t been in a real relationship since high school... ———— TL; DR : I Haven’t had a relationship since high school.

Whenever i look around, all i see is happy couples. Im a female still in my 20s but every relationship i ever had was a failure and i always seem to be the rebound girl.So I had a very intense 2 month relationships this past summer. A friend of mine called it “breadcrumbing” or “orbiting” - like he wants to stay in my mind but at a very far distance. Everytime I ask my girlfriend on her opinion on something political, religious or social she gets offended and thinks I'm trying to argue with her. I had a mechanic fix my jeep, I was so happy I gave him a hug, thinking nothing of it. I already suggested hanging out with a movie and I would cook for her, but she vetoed that because she lives with her parents and again my place is also out for the same reason. Ive had 2 "gfs" but dont really count them since they both didnt last longer than 2 months and one was a super young relationship while the other was just using me.He broke it off bc it was getting too intense for him and we haven’t spoken since. Please help, I'm getting tired of not being able to have a deep conversation with her. (The death-wobble was to the point I was beyond terrified of crashing). Im just getting tired of trying to find someone, it seems im just not good enough for anyone.Today the admins of reddit announced that some new subs were added to their quarantine. There are some subreddits listed that are relevant to dating/lifestyle.These subreddits are quarantined due to their hateful, misogynistic nature which inherently runs afoul to our efforts to maintain a positive community.

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He knows I’ve grateful for him, snapping me out of the situation with the guy I was “dating” previously.