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Country dating sites nz

Allow a day to travel from Dunedin to Queenstown to enable you to visit places en-route. Discover this rich past in the Early Settlers Museum, 220 Cumberland Street. Over 10,000 miners rushed to the Tuapeka goldfield, as the museum details.

Follow the signs to Gabriels Gully, the Pick and Shovel Monument and Blue Spur, origin of the gully of gold. By the end of 1861 there were 11,500 miners living in the 'Gully' and almost as many again, scattered around Blue Spur, Munroe's Gully, Wetherstones, and Waitahuna.

From the three elevators, gold saving sluices ran out for distances of 247, 263 and 234 metres.

This method was found to be too slow and uneconomic, which led to the introduction of stamping batteries in 1872 when a quartz reef was discovered on the southwest side of Gabriels Gully.

Many tunnels were driven into the reef and the remains of both the tunnels, and stamping equipment can be seen while walking along the Goldfields loop track.

Around 1878, hydraulic elevating was introduced to solve this problem.

These huge constructions involved breaking the gravel banks down under high water pressure, then using a vacuum, created by the design of the apparatus, to suck gravel boulders and water, up to a higher level for processing.

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