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Simplifying the infrastructure reduces management overhead and complexity, making the total cost of ownership lower and improving ROI.

Applying data center management procedures to centralized storage management brings additional benefits: high availability and performance.

The process flow chart shows three key steps: As discussed in these documents, the third step disrupts client (users and server applications) access to services.

Access to data at the old location must be restricted while moving the shares content, and then clients need to be reconfigured to access data at the new location.

Introducing new layers of infrastructure to support future requirements (such as Active Directory and DFS), while simplifying the existing infrastructure through consolidation have far-reaching implications.

The number of Windows file servers installed corporate-wide is typically in the hundreds, and moving user and departmental shares into a consolidated environment affect client access to services in the tens of thousands.

Unlike one-to-one upgrades, consolidations are many-to-few upgrades that typically involve restructuring the Windows domain security.Consolidating SQL Server databases and instances is a practice which, under certain criteria, allows organizations to benefit as they can reduce licensing costs, and if properly designed, hardware costs.The key phrase used in the above statement is “under certain criteria”.Network shares accessed by drive mapped letters and UNC paths must be updated.As enterprises move from legacy Windows clients to Active Directory, many IT organizations choose to implement domain-based DFS to eliminate the need to reconfigure clients whenever share locations change.

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This means they need to collapse hundreds of decentralized Windows file servers into a few high-performance NAS file servers, NAS gateways, or Windows Server 2003 file servers. IT operational costs have a direct impact on the bottom line of a business.

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