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If you want to leave work early, you have to ask for …

He just bought some groceries, and he can't believe he just spent forty dollars!

Outside the cinema there was a queue of people waiting to see the film.3.5. Last night I went out with some friends of mine.3.7.

8 ‘I had ______________ for a job yesterday.’ ‘Did you? ’ 9 The heart pumps ______________ through the body.

7 Our lives would be very difficult without ______________.

JANET: We’ve had (4) a trouble/some trouble with them before, haven’t we? Last year they sent us (5) a cheque/some cheque for (6) an equipment/some equipment we had supplied and the bank returned it.

In the following pairs of words, one is countable and the other is uncountable. They owe us (2) a money/some money for (3) a work/some work we did for them, but they won’t pay.

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JANET: May I make (8) a suggestion/some suggestion?

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