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■'"' '^'" '"«^^«'* *"h a practic^ly severed alf ^Lntc Sr^h Them " '"'""^ ^^'^ I^o„^;r„i ttd Tht ^J^^ — n to ence with an elderly bachlrnn? ** * "^"^d long time you've been I X What on earth have you and the mother been doing " Young Bernard Brian turned his head towards his sister with w^th^^fc"^:- v^^*'""* movement of one bitterly at variance with hfe. " ""b"i iea\ c his eyes lere ^ a I'd h°, T'P"" '" "^^"^ •''«^"'^' "• A.k I Ic^k "'■''°' ^"^^'^'^ '"'" which she dared not " Now listen to me I " he suddenly said. .''"« '»'-°«nd-more than enough I' vepu up wth It so far, but there's a limit to everythini; Thrtime husband VVe may not be over well suited to one another as you have pointed out. She was like a marble statue endued with a certain icy animation. " Say, Maud " he said, between the puffs, " why don't you come too ? But there was an extraordinary vitahty m the meagre frame, a fevered, driving force that never seemed to be who Uy exhausted. Look out of the window, my good woman, if you want to know I Don't wait I Time's precious, and I guess you're busy." Again he smiled upon Mrs. It is fiendishly cold, and blowing great guns There was skating when I arrived, but that is a dream of the fr? )^«,n°w slop about knee-deep in slush, or play cat's cradle m the safen dunng the day. I was very sorry, but, you know, Maud always takes things so seriously, poor child, and she wouldn't hear of making friends when it was over, but must needs go THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE 197 straight away to Jake Bdton and offer to marry him He was ready to take her at any price, of course. He shouldn't have done it, of course, but " ' He probably was not in a state to know what he was doing, suggested Saltash. some- thing so dehberately mtent that it seemed formidable His clean-shaven, weather-beaten face had an untamed, primitive look about It, as of one born in the wilderness. havedors^7n S'- " ^"^ atttp Ttf exptr ■' KVd' h '"Ti H^"' ^'"^ -^^ - gentle Ln," s LTaid. They coi Jd Tot look upon a woman with reverence ^ney could not rf,5.^ '*''°"f '^ u"*° *^^ ^°°" '" ''^^ "^other's wake, fondling a iuhe"w°o^:=''' '" '"'^"* '°°^ '•"'"°- -'» « -d Lady Brian ran to her daughter with all a girl's imoetu osity. '^" ''"'^ ^"""^'^ "- ^"-'i «P ^o Z After a distinct pause, Maud bent her long neck and co HIv kjssed her mother's expectant face. " he cried "S: you got a similar chaste salute for me"" ^^^^ u S'e ZTot VZff ""'V"^ "^^""^ ^'°'' ^ ^he stood, ner eyes shot a blue flare of open enmity at him • and— almost m spite of himself-Giles Sheppard paused ' mad S! " he suueeste H ■• ni course-I gathered that." suggested. u /°t" }^°'^-" ''^ *^^' " w J'en people take the air h'Jd sr Veyt L^: "Tt VSa L";? He was actually patronizing begtto^S^Ja T"^- """^ ""=''"«•" ^'^^ ^^' ='"'• But he fell in beside her at once. She unagmed that he never appeared in anv ES'not^^Ltrclu;^^^^ ^"^"^'^ ^^^ '-'^ *'^- though^she ferher^H ''"'' *° '"'""''.*° ^'^^ arrangement. *t • , "f.^" Srow more and more rigid as thev lighted bar and coarse voices and lomiging figures Thev ^f^n^' ''rf P "^? It was dark enough here, at least, and he^ self- confidence began to revive. He c Mne a step nearer, and laid one finger on her arm momenr'' ' '""'"'' ""y""" *° *«» ? For a space she still heard it, dim and remote as the splash of the waves on the shore ; then very softly it was blotted out. She lay in complete content unconscious of all the world, lapped in peace and blissfully Iree from the goading anxiety that usually disturbed her rest. Maud, and he ^emed to know how to get hold of me without teing he^rinn LTnd^'ai :^^y"u'K'^, S K' *'^ "f* '/"^ w£tr„? " ^ Somin' 'T'"^"" '° '^^"^«' '^"^^'^e 'lid not yield graciously Somehow she never could be gracious to ..i-e Bolton ^" 42 THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE ;; I ought to go in." she said. ■• ^in Vfr f^nly^Sdi; ^ t^ ^T ^^ Jere was nothing in the worfd thaf j:^^^^^^ She made a sharp movement of protest. f ^\' ''^'", ^J'^'y *° y°"- You've never con" templated such a fool idea as marriage with me, I know • bu you go home and contemplate it- right now I Ask your^ self If you wouldn't find a husband like me less nauseatine than a step-father Uke Giles Sheppard ! httle chap wouldn't stand a better chance all round i you brought him along to me ! T ^^\^'''' heading a beenareason forme to ho L°off Yo Tmi S;r*'^ ™«J** ''^^^ scorned my offer. ^ "^'^h justice have he spoke with strong insistence "^IIJT'" *'''"«^ ^e-" your position to wan't to d Sy^J^t J^^^-g advantage of position-ifs a humiliating posi C And T \l " ''"^'^'y noprospectofdeliverance. But she was too THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE ,03 that would «a^^ty„*o:r ^" "" *""""*'»"• '"^^^^ ^P' She thought it had ceas S^ to hl,t^™ °* 'f^^ ^^^ ''«rt- how soon he woljd ^i ! and he h^a Tain^y Sd^r^o^oft LSS hlcffa^e^^^He Zw ^"^ '"""^"^ closely into her death- h:? ■ *'»1'**""8 anns that had not held her since E^wed'£^°:^- ^''"' '''' ^"^^ ^'^''^ ^"'•^^ close to'^e? You don't sup LThe m^ned you just to make a home for Bunny, do you ? " Why do vou trv Xttetofe^t'^^'^^' '- -^ •• ^'^ -^'- ^" -C^o? As a pioof of mv Boodn P« n* ou are concerned, I am going t Tmll^v^al o ST on Bunny, and it couldn't possibly take place here. She met his laughing eyes, and smiled as though in spite of herself. His mouth was rugged rather than coarse, but it was not the mouth of civihzation. „|,„K to„g„ „v« S th„ know I can I can help.' _ Zd"™ar„1rr? £f 'Sn';f''f """'• '" '^'^^^*- Bunny could not see he^ face Sh h "'f"'" *° ''"^ '^^■ to control her panting breach ^ '''""^^ desperately S ci"fh? " Bu T-h'e'^n V^' *° ^^' ''™^^" ^ he is Sone".^''^ ''''"^"*'" ^^''^ ^"""^ '"""y- " He knows ^n? "My dear, it's all settled 1 " she decided ^^tles" and I are gomg to be married, and we're all going to hve at The Anchor ' with him. Of He took his arms away from her, but he sti U keot onp of her wnsts in a strong grasp. ace in th^^ darkness, only his figure, which was shorrand%i! "h" 'I '^^ "«"'«" *''y" were just g^in Tto rem Lk'.'^Sut^X ^rr L^^^Tl Z Krefr Sc:-"^ '-'' -^ loo)cin/fof ■'erafrthe^ve i«! She sat down rather helo Sw Trom^Z"'* "°"" ""' P°^^'"« trco Sell' £ s^xt:vf£t^y=cr^i^i^--s^/;j Sn Tabo^T-""^^^'^' ^ ^''"'^'^'^ ^- ^'-"- long ^~^^t^j:^;^ —hat his again! r V"Ju.^' ' ^ ^'^"'"'^ ^'^ ^^^^ •'^'^ *° floun'defarotd she Tlf ^s!? He was hetd in «^ ^' ""^ *° '°"*' °"« accustomed to keep his e W^in h U^ «pergency. y '*'"""'"•"■ "^"^ ''^' '''»'' ''«r "^t a disadvantage ^'^Sin^rt^'Syt.^-^^.t ^? " I'm going your way " he observed May as we U see you past the b^ of ^ The of"tte day." "^ '"' ' '" "'''^ *'^^^ ^met^es a" this 2d mu^ S! She would put h m to the t« «6 THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE Shft S n^a S? She did not wa„7 to "ac Uha* ^In^ desperation she paused. It was the calmest slumber she had known for manv years. The chair by his side was empty, the visitor vanished Very cautiously she bent over him. Now-with a thrill of amazement she realized it-he was undressed and lying between the sheets He was breathing very quietly, and his attitude was one of easy rest. On a chest of drawers near stjod a glass that had con- tained milk. he uuer silen^^ of the party had scarcely reached it. *5 I -°ted P" she It's T whn''^^'^ ^' "^'^ ^ gesture. " It is getting late " was pl Sv a 7P 5^°" '°"^'" •« ' " he said, and tirneit'see^e SSl Tr^^^^^^^^^ where he had "L^'J"'^'^"- ^''^^ approached the spo? " I can't take- THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE 45 what I could never repay." she said, speaking almost below her breath. We U Ioff.r ^^'^er you've It mayn't be the way you would rhn/°" ^ "^^^ °^ escape, niany worse. ^ * u"^ ^S"' *"'* *•»« wondered womarwhat he would t^wtn h'e\Z "^ f'^I 1° * '^'"^ essentially full-blooded, s Tburnlngl a Sv^' He Uf.l^ "^ sr^Kir-^ho^L^i^^^^ rotund her, and by its aid alone ^3*1^ S^^^o Th" wit? "Maud, I want you to drink this." dr Spin^g ^he TS"' '"' "^^ ^"^" °' •"'* *«" Then again came Jake's voice, quite courteous hi,t extremely d^ided. She is half-dead with cold." ^ ' "Manrf I'^T'',.^^''! siri-s s io6 THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE her with bis sharp eyes under their shaggy brows with just the look of a terrier on the hunt. " _ She leaned slowly back in her chair, and met his eves X am quite willing to be friends," she said. I told you definitely long ago that I could never marry you. " Yet, you know, you are unjust to me — always were. So if it i64 THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE comes to that, will you let it be done at the Castle ? " You are going to be friends with me," said Saltash, with pleased conviction. " If j'ou don't suggest— im- possible things," she Siiid. Bunny who was not easily daunted, looked hard back at him, with the brazen expression of one challenging a rebuke. /:^crnr^ P"'"*' ^"^ P^ The slant w L tna Tn,rafu e^'Cd^ " "" ""y ^^^ I " pathy^ : I would pull yo/up Tl%ou? sh™"'' ^^■ You ve never even tried," said Bunny 1, 1. SS;j'^ ^ said discontentedly, and Maud bent 1 er'Ish d fa « A-uf^','""'' "f "'^ *^^"'' want to meet that pierc L r LLn ""';, ^''" ^''^ "°* beats slackened behin"^ h^.^a^'l^'^^o'frsnn.^"' '^' ■''°°'- curiously soft that at the Gm Lt Ttl T^^"* ^°'=« «« to be that of a woman. That's too heavy a job for you " She paused— it was inevitahlp_,r,/i i ^ In the same mome Them X^^"^ 'T^' sturdy figure, shorter than she had Itl Tu-'' ^1"^'^- was in the saddle Korsev of a«^»;f magined him when he ing a breadth of chest tlat s S V ""S'^ °^ ''""'^' P°^^«ss- . ^Sd-=r Lrt£^ria^ CHAPTER IV THE ACCEPTED SUITOR HARK to the brute ! ir ^' *°"' '"^'^^ '^^^ ^^t to smile, and yet hersi ''^'' '* ""^^ '■^'^ presumption to address co Sd multe'r ''"f am 'obr'.":" "'''- ^"* ^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^ i"u musier. •' From it she awoke at length with a guilty start. He always had some hot milk last thine but she had not procured it for him. No • she was sure that her mother would have roused her from her THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE 37 ol^Stfi^^'S^ui'f ! slt Sat U w^teryu Te ''°"* "^ "'' ^ "'^'^ ""^^ ^«' '^-^ agahs Srheld" tr"f w" ^'i' ^5''*' ''"* ^ ^^e fire burned up tn.f.f'*^'^'^^**^'' *"*' anc S .u,,! suddenly spoke ^ ^' ^' ^''^^ "^^^d it that he wm Vou rjiit: stit S ^°" °"* ^^^^" '"*° ^'•^ -*• " r h T"! " Neither shall Bunny." Ja'ke^''^'^ ^* """^ """^^ *''*" °"^ °* P^y^K a debt," said He looked almost formidable standing there in the twili Eht She faced him with a sinking sense of her own inferior She Tl^- n"'' ^^'^=^«^'°" ^^'ned to weigh her down She felt puny and msignificant before it. She had no other weapon and at least it covered the beating of her heart ^ .. * ""'* ^'^ """l "•'"ed her hold Maud— my darhng, here is some brandy and water wm you try and drink it? " And if at any time you should be in need of a change of au:. There was no longer any su Egestion of anger or any other emotion about him. " But-riow tnat I am married— you mustn't try to flirt with me. I know that if I had been at hand when your mother brought you down here— as heaven knows I would have been if I had known — if I had guessed — you would have been ready enough to marry even me." He stopped, and over his ugly, comic face there came a strangely tragic look. You know as well as I do that it wouldn't have answered. I don't know that you can help it, being what you are. He laughed carelessly, satisfied that he had scored a point. But the horseman refused the challenge, passing on without H THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE go'blck.'"'^'" "^^ ^"""y '" ^'"»den discontent. 1 am obhged to you." she sairl " hnt t fa U to see why your responsi Si Uty should extendi 'far. ^""*' ^^ ''^'^ "* *»"'* y«" ««»»d never have M XT™*"*"' **ved me ii you had " Ninety-nine to one ! " But, do you toow I rather count on the hundredth chance. The Jail of a piece of coal had broken the happy spell. ^' Her first thought was for Bunny, and she turned in her chair and looked across the unfamihar room. She had in fact been wonder- ing how she would obtain it to-night. :ri; .^^' **•■ ""o^eover, quite incapable a U Bone '"'Th*'* ^^'y l^ift. , ] ''^^ belonging to her mother, and here she lav l Sn^n"th ''"'''"S; ^'^'"e over the myste STin her S^ w Me another quiet hour slipped away. u*° 'P^^'' *° y°" about your brother" he said house. L^ ^^'^^^ ^ ^°^'^ understand you," she said ■1 r'^n fi'P'^'" '' '•' ^^ J^'^^ ; ^"d then, as she was silent : Can t you see I m making a bid for your friendshi D " She froze at the effrontery of the words '"^nasmp . Mother will hold the glass " ' the cold blue]^,'.' ^'^\'^''' ^'^'^ '*• ^^^S it steadily to and no/nf r ^ ' ''? : hllr^d TVi:^"" '' ^- *'^^ *^^"' '^^-'' *•*- She would bury it neve; c^t -tout **"""• ^°' '^^ ^"'^ ^^e would t J: tho S o7SSr' ^'^^ "."^.^™'" ^^'^*- seised upon rt with re Uef h A^ k P'''*"*1'^ '*"*"' ^^ ^^e greater mh nrtl- ^ ^J^**^*^ ^^^ with them during the Sth^^ight u Jl'^;r„'' •'^'^ '^ft but an hour befofe to her, and had tak^,*^"*'! my dear," he had said, " don't forget that you've got an old uncle at Liverpool who wouldn't be sorry to trbe*"""*"** **** ^^ too— however busy he happened He had meant that as an offer of help, should she ever •tand m need of it. His eyefriitter S un^i.''""'' •" ^'•^ ^""' ^"* "^^ brow wrabffielj " Well," he said, in a very pronounced drawl " I should have some breakfast if I were you, and see how I felt then Ifs wonderfol what a difference breakfast m E " ' reh"f. I aetest mamed women's flirtations." He made a wry grimace. " But I gave you privileges II l62 THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE wliich I can never give again, which you must never again expect of me. " He stuopcd towards her, his hands upon her shouldrrs, liis dark face deeply glowing. he said, in a voice that vibrated with an odd intensity, liii.'l- fierce, half-feigned. " You could have dictated your own terms too," he said. You would have tired very quickly of my prim ways— just as you did tire in the old days when you fancied you cared for me. But— if it had been my good luck to marry you— I would have been faithful to you. However, since she is denied me " — he snapped his fingers with an airy gesture — " je m'amuse autrement. i.^^^^A^'' "[u^^^ "^ ^°^^ °° ^^^ aftemoon^of late October, down the hi U to the sun-bathed shore. ntur ro" °^ ^"""y- ^'^ ^ -"^^ I Here's a blanket instead l""" ''°'^'"^- ^^ver ^d I hi^'r Cce S "'"'"^ '' ""^ '^^ •^^'^ -• ou Now-Klo you know what I am going to do to you ? His g S"of i Sant"""'" '"'^"""^ ^""^ "« " ' P'P^y "» 5hl " I'll let you go when IVe done with you," he said, gloating openly over her quivering helplessn Ms. Lovelace being out of sieht aiid hearing, he decided to risk detection, and. There was a good deal of the primitive man about him at that moment. " But you are the only witness that I can call." " And why should she accept my testimony ? " Evidence given, so to speak, at the sword's point, my good Bolton, is seldom worth having. like ;o\: L'"t" ''""^ ''°'^-" ^"PP^^ ^^''^- " P'^^P^ y°"'d Maud was silent. '' ''l'^ '^^^^^^^'^ '° tl»« affirmative, vo , -^ K ^.^^ "'S^* "^a"yt Wng, Lady Brian? " " I presume you had the slapping of her in her babyhood," he observed. No one she didn't love could ever move her an inch. Giles is a plain man, and he believes m a httle wholesome chastisement now and then It do'-s a woman good, he says. But in this case " " Oh forgive me for interrupting you I " Rather lazily he cut her short.

r~~|Colouraariat/ Qualiti inigala da I'impratlion □ Continuout pagination/ I D I Pagination continua Indudas indax(as)/ Comprand un Idas) indax Titia on haadtr takan from:/ La titra da I'an-Mta ,.nriant: |~~| Titla paga of issua/ r~~| Caption of istua/ Paga da titra da la linratton Caption of istua/ Titra da depart da la liiraiton Matthaad/ (Mniriqua (piriodiquai) da la lioraisan I I Masthaad/ This itam is filmad at tha raduciion ratio chacfcad balow/ Ca documant ast filmi au taua dt r Muction indiqui ci-dastous. ^ "^"^ strongly to spring we'.'I^d Ztya Utt'h'd '^*"'''" ^'"^ '^'' -*h «PS that eithe? But it mother had a s„ea^°/£S t^el TJ^ Z't^Vf' ""'' tively nauseated her. ' " Maud I ■' Bunny's voice, half irritable, half eager, broke m upon her. It was no hght task to get it m and out of the house ; but Maud was used to the management of it. "«»« **«ted body, and no wish of his that she could gratify was ever left neglected. " It's to be according to the American doctor man's convenience.

CHAPTER III THE NEW ACQUAINTANCE THEY reached the sunny stretch of parade in time to see the young chestnut that had excited Bunny's interest being coaxed along the edge of the water by his rider. In an^^as H, any c" e l7t Mr sf "'" ^™ ""l P'°™'^^- And you had better not keep out of^l Pw '"'''^? " ^ inevrta We'"'"^'l%™if hr^-'^^ °t°"' ^''° ^"'^™t^ t° the thlt'Sd all Lrt Ter S'est ^"'' "*' *'^' "" '^^^ ^""^ And with the words she passed with finality out of her mother s room and went away upstairs without^a backward Mrs Sheppard sat down and shed a few petulant tear, over her child's waywardness. " I'U settle this old firebrand " ^ ." Sru°'.*'~3"^? " hi Sdi Eo S: -r S " ' ^'^^^ -'^^ ''^ ^ -tter I y^'^ °l^^"^:^T^l T;o^L7l'''' T''^^- "Shall man? " said Uncle Edward " That ™ love with her, I suppose ? J^ ^^d * '*"« giri- She's gen Ue, which IS niore than can be said for most of your modem young women. You have a Uttle patience 1 Let the eirl come to me for a bit I I may be old, but I'll protect her And If you care to come after her, and do a little courting now and fo Kt" * "°* * ^^'^ '"^^* ""^^"^ *°^ ^^^' ^^^ ^ ^•'^'t He ceased to speak. Yet after a moment she gave him her hand again in mute response to his protest. but the thing was in her hand Her Sran'dls rr did^'^i -echan'ica Uy as Jake Xened S Th *w y ^^^ ^ ^^'^ was conscious of a ^eat flood k o'thelr a"' "'".^' ''"'I ■''"'^ ''^*- She Sed S udt K 10 tne ugtit. Jake came in slowly, as if weary Sdtash greeted him with airy nonchalance. " "^^ '"""'^ *° '"'l"'^^ f°^ y™- How's the broken ■■/Son T.^^/'^'^'^'f,! Jake went with him, and Maud drew a breath of deep re Uef. ^ ^'^^ '""^ ""' into »1h' CHAPTER XXX THE KISING CUHRENT she had allowed Saltash o acl - n/ ^.'"°'' ""''^'^ 'hat quickly as she dared in the e To„n? K-''i\ ^°" 'he in almost total darkn^V ^""'"^ ^^'""d her. But it's curious that I sh;uld havrse S the same myself the moment I saw you. " Lady Brian h%T}Ml town for the South Coast, and Mrs. Sheppard threw out her hands with a dainty eesture tt Z""- ^y ^'^' ^^^'^^'- y°»'ve missed-^v^Sl nav'e you seen my poor Maud ' " — =v«yimng i He nodded. I make a point of seeing I3» 196 THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE her whenever I feel so disposed. " It would have been too obvious a solution," he said lightly. " You don't realize— or perhaps you don't care — that she has sold herself to a man for whom she has not the smallest shadow of affection." " In pursuit of her illustrious mother's example ?

The animal was covered with froth, and evidently in a ferment of nervous excitement. 58 THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE " All right, little chap," said Take " Dnn't ,„;*,*• yourself ! p°' "° /""•„ She never sees anybody now." ^^ ^Except me." said Jake. Kifv:forsi-^^ ------ THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE 59 is T^SS^f ^.« -* you st„4cffii-s wouldn't say Tword I '^ '* ''"'""* '°' Lord Saltash. Bunny's hand returned his erio with all th« .* Hp H^ci ^ f? ''; ^' "°"''» ^^ ^i^e oi him to Keep out of Jake s way, m fact. " She never would Hsten to advice was the burden of her lament. "" happily n^arried to Lord Saltash by 'not oh de^f cl^^^^"^ "^ ''""IV" ^"^°" *°-d='y- Oh dear Oft dear ! " "^ ^°" ^''^t she s m love with another speaking ve.y deliber~"^£f £,^? " That means^you're in Jake's eyes fenced with hie •■ v-, that if it phases you to ^o sj'" he s Sd ""'^ '"^' '* '° ""^^ 98 THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE 'MX'' .■.-'.'vi V' ' It's damn' The old man raked his throat pugnaciously prtsumption. There seemed to be a smile in the eyes tl- tt 'T' J""* ^^f^ ^^ "° suggestion of it abiut Jake s mouth, which was s Ughtly compressed h Sf ? He took it, held it a moment or two, then let it go. She felt that another private interview with her husband just then would have been unendurable. and she was Bunny Uek to the house long before Ln '.''''' ''^''^'^ she had gone, so they would not hi : • ""^ ''"*«' ^^ither they would wonder ^hyte Z ^\T°rt rveaverydecdedrt^nth^/""^ ^V'^ y°'' '^"°^- But best alone/' °" ^''^^ ""^ P^^'^n* and I will get on 6r S:,! " he now." ^^"^ ^ " •^^y the youngster up right s Afiriul^e S.^^-;:-^ P-ed his bea^d I chott? towards her.^a^ds Se " ^"PP" '^^^^ ^"S^tly Shfr^e't Ws keen Tvt''°"H'"'''™ ' " ^^ ^^"^^^ courteously. However if voutlu tune 1 think I begin to see your point of view. Now that she is in such safe hands, there is no longer any necessity to hold mc at arms' length. " Don't you know that th« unattainable is always the dearest ?

She was better able to cope with them then, and it gave the mght a better chance. ^' "' *'"«'■ »^^^ him down to it on the following d? » i t , '"'P^'* *° ««' tl^^e SSic-- - S^^^^^^ ^^v^«--"i3^thr-f---^-'- i POssib S're'^S-ir^four^- " ^'^^ '^y^ »» °- "" bu J^g Se Se! a fever if his behests w St o JTeye T *° """'' ^"^^ was wde-eyed and restless ^ ^ "^'^"P- ^"^ ^e " It's so beastly cold." he said " t ..,_u i are like stones. " Yours sincerely, " Saltash." Jake's face wore a curious expression as he folded the letter and returned it to the envelope. " You, my lord." Jake stood at the table, square and determined. You can testify— if you will — that up to the time of the accident I was in a perfectly normal condition. As Jake ended his curt appeal he shrugged and spoke. "Maybe you're up against it But you've got solid ground to stand on. If she hadn't hccn really spoilt all her life, I don't think she would ha\'e thought so much of it.

Poor lad I He could fight his own way through the days, but the long-drawn-Sut misery of nights of incessant pain broke him down-how completely only Maud ever knew. Where's fhel S" rug ^" * ^^P" "^ ^"^^ must\attfrir? He locked her two wrists together in one iron hand. ;.rf^„ sja&les after an early ride, locked down at his adpt^dsraivissaar""'- »n7\, •P''^"*i"''=^'^°"' Mrs. It was what Bunny called his "cov'boy" look-a look in which humour and sheer, sav^e determination were very oddly mingled. " I i66 THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE came home too dazed to give an intelligible account of myself," he said, speaking very de Uberately, wholly without emotion. Will your lordshi)) be good enough to convince her that she was mistaken ? " You are putting me in a very embarrassing position." " I am sorry," said Jake steadily. You^may^ke mv word for that, because I happen to know " ^ ^ He spoke with a kindness that went straight to her heart Almost mvohmtarily she put her hand into' his fee LSe Ke'as'i St'r^udlnt'" *'' '""''"°" °' °" '"^"'^^^^P ^ " She shook her head. " Do you suppose I have ever had any control over her ? She was always so serious, and quiet and deter- mined. I blame myself, of course But there what is the use ? It was very unforturiate but I must say, not wholly undeserved.

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Lord Saltash had a yadit i^ %T ■ ^T"""^ °*=*=^°° because such a precious opp^ort J^^v for T.""^ ^"/ '* ^"^ ^^'"ed large racing-stables in Te„Xh K ^^IJ*^" "e also had behind the little town and th^^^r''"! She turned her face again to the open sea, a glint of desperation m her eyes. " I m-an to say ;; Then Heaven help us I " said Maud, under her breath. T "* ^S'^'u , ^"'"^ "^^ *° ^ s'de and stooped overhm^. „rrdon TSf So^S 'Si^ Sr grr„J." ^^ ''^ -"''- °^ - st^nd%hj Th^5:rd ofus"'^r^l°S~"''"''°"-'"^^ ^ "^"« ^- *•« *- " You can't 1 " Again deadly conviction swent a«H» argument "You're not clever ^enough, ^l^d J^u^^hav S r*tr^^ y°." P^°P°^ *" '«ave me to the tender mere L of the Sheppard.

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